Velos Media launches new licensing platform to drive adoption of latest video technologies, improve consumer viewing experience

The Velos Media marketplace offers a single license to standard-essential HEVC patents owned by advanced video coding pioneers including Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp and Sony

Convenient access and lower transaction costs for companies delivering the HEVC experience

March 31, 2017, Plano, Texas – Velos Media announced today that it has launched a new, independent licensing platform for advanced video coding technologies, with a focus on High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the latest technology in video compression. With Velos Media, companies delivering the HEVC experience now have easy and efficient access to the entire portfolio of standard-essential HEVC patents from leading technology innovators that have made many of the most important contributions to the HEVC standard, including Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm Incorporated, Sharp and Sony.

The explosive growth in video consumption is driving continued demand for more bandwidth and higher picture quality, resulting in an industry of new devices and content that use HEVC technology. HEVC, also known as H.265, delivers a significantly enhanced viewing experience featuring vibrant, high-quality images downloaded twice as fast, or with half the bandwidth, as well as with reduced pauses for video buffering, compared to previous video technologies. Velos Media helps bring this experience to screens faster, offering simplified access to critical patents at reasonable rates and with one license, so that companies using HEVC technology in their products can rightfully deliver a premier user experience to their customers.

“We’re streamlining the patent licensing process by offering a single license to end user product companies that manufacture or sell HEVC-enabled devices, thereby creating a solution for them and patent holders alike,” said Kasim Alfalahi, co-founder of the Marconi Group, an entity formed to create, launch and support new patent licensing platforms, including Velos Media. “This solution is available to all who wish to participate, and we welcome interest from other innovators who have contributed to the HEVC standard and have patents representing those contributions. We’re excited to have Fred Telecky at the helm of Velos Media. Fred brings more than 25 years of experience in managing a highly successful licensing business at Texas Instruments.”

“With the growing popularity of video and the continued investment in new video technologies, there’s a need for a reasonable and efficient path for innovators to receive a return on their R&D investment and also for companies creating products to obtain access to the patents covering these technologies in a way that makes sense for their businesses,” said Fred Telecky, president of Velos Media. “At Velos Media, licensees will have direct access to the most comprehensive standard-essential HEVC patent portfolio available, with one license, reducing transaction costs and time to market.”

Velos Media will license its HEVC patent portfolio on terms that are reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND), with royalty rates that will encourage further adoption of the technology and incentivize investment in new research and development. A license from Velos Media covers all HEVC standard-essential patents within the members’ entire current portfolio, including future patents granted from currently pending applications, as well as all future filings by a member during the term of the license.

Velos Media is supported by the Marconi Group, which is establishing new platforms that transform patent licensing across different technologies and products. The Marconi Group will provide common services for each new licensing platform, offering legal, finance, human resources, marketing and communications support. Velos Media will be managed and operated as an independent entity.

About Velos Media
Video will continue to be the preferred medium for sharing the content we care about the most – the people, the stories and a world of possibilities. To make this a reality, companies must have simplified access to HEVC, a video compression technology that delivers vibrant, high-quality video more efficiently. Velos Media’s independent licensing platform offers device manufacturers direct access to the entire standard-essential HEVC patent portfolios of leading HEVC technology innovators in one single license. Velos Media was founded in 2016, and is based in Plano, TX. For more information about Velos Media, please visit www.velosmedia.com.

Sophie Skaggs
Director of Marketing & Communications

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