What does that mean? Our approach gives licensees the opportunity to fully see what the Velos Media platform offers, because a piecemeal view, where only partial information is shared about limited aspects of the license, does not provide licensees with a full picture of the value of that license. Our licensees have a 360-degree view through access to a complete package of details for a Velos Media license, so they can analyze specific data in order to best understand the value of the license.

This holistic approach gives licensees access to the vast potential of the standard-essential HEVC patents of our contributing members BlackBerry, Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp and Sony.

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The Velos Media process

At Velos Media, we offer a custom approach that encourages engagement with licensees. Our process is focused on the sharing of information and specific data about the patents, the license and their value. It’s all part of our holistic approach which allows for more open and meaningful discussions.

Once licensees enter into a NDA with Velos Media, they are granted access to a comprehensive package of information that includes:

  • Specifics of the patent portfolio and the assets being licensed
  • Our individual licensors’ fundamental contributions to the HEVC technology
  • Licensing terms and other program details
  • True claim charts that map each element of the claim to the HEVC standard

Our holistic approach enables all parties to do the necessary analysis to make an informed determination of the value of the Velos Media program, and not simply rely on a third-party patent evaluator, who may not be familiar with the patents or underlying technology, and who spends only a limited time reviewing the materials.

It is this complete view of the license that leads to informed and intelligent agreements that are fair to both parties.


Global Distribution of HEVC Related Patents

Granted or Allowed / Pending      Total: 5085 / 5720

Rest of the World: 1227 / 2609

One reason Velos Media is the right licensing partner is that its six contributing members are world leaders in HEVC technology.

The HEVC standard is set and administered by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and has two levels of contribution:

  • Main Profile – the mandatory part of the HEVC standard
  • Extension Profile – the optional portion of the standard

Each member has substantial patent assets correlating to its contributions to the standard, so when combined Velos Media is dominant in the standard:

  • 35% of all adopted contributions to the Main Profile
  • 43% of all adopted contributions to the Extension Profile
  • 39% of all adopted contributions to both profiles

The two accompanying bar charts show that all six Velos Media members are among the top contributors to the Main Profile.
(The source is ITU publicly available data on the number of adopted contributions made by each entity contributing to the standard. In most cases, these contributions were made by the same inventors who developed and filed the members’ corresponding patents.)

Overall Adopted Contributions for HEVC Main

Overall Adopted Contributions for HEVC Extension