*Simulation of HEVC Benefits

Why Hevc?

Consumers’ insatiable thirst for streaming and speed – or high quality video at less bandwidth – has propelled an industry of innovative new devices and enhanced new content formatted for HEVC technology. Also referred to as H.265, HEVC is a new video compression technology that enables the premier viewing experience that exists today.

Bright, Vibrant, High Quality Video Greater resolution on the same bandwidth Downloads twice as fast Streaming at half the bandwidth Less storage, less data, less cost Longer battery life Increased reach

Advancing The State of The Art in Video Compression

Video has become a crucial thread in the fabric of our lives – bringing loved ones together, connecting colleagues across the globe, enabling medicine, education and commerce, and entertaining and informing us in new ways.

New figures from eMarketer indicate that adults in the US will spend an average of 5.5 hours watching video each day this year. And, with digital video viewing available across more devices, that time is sure to increase.

Average Daily Video Viewing

HEVC capability is now being added to end user products such as TVs, computers, tablets and phones. As more viewers are wowed by the quality, speed and reduced data demands of HEVC video, the desire for the HEVC experience will grow.