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Efficiency In Licensing

Simplified Access

Simplified Access

Velos Media makes it possible for companies to efficiently access HEVC standard-essential patents from the companies that pioneered many of the most important elements of the technology standard, in a way that makes sense for their businesses.

By coming to Velos Media for a license first, companies receive a direct path to the most comprehensive standard-essential HEVC patent portfolio available, with one license agreement.

Global HEVC-Capable Devices: Unit Shipments Global HEVC-Capable Devices: Unit Shipments

Reasonable and Non‑Discriminatory Pricing

Velos Media is committed to licensing our standard-essential patent portfolio on terms that are reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND). Our licensing rates will reflect our commitment to furthering the adoption of HEVC technology, as well as incenting investment in new innovations.

By making the essential patents of many leading contributors to the HEVC standard available in one place, with one license, we’re providing efficiencies that wouldn’t be realized if a company were separately negotiating with each patent holder to take a license.

Most Fundamental Portfolio

We license the entire portfolio of HEVC standard-essential patents from Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp, and Sony. Between them, these companies represent more adopted contributions to the HEVC standard than any other individual company or joint licensing program. A license from Velos Media covers the HEVC standard-essential patents these innovators have today, as well as any new patents they file during the term of the license.

Companies needing a license to deliver the HEVC experience, and innovators who contributed to the HEVC standard and have patents protecting those contributions, are invited to contact us for more details.